Sunday, May 1, 2011

Days are not enough...

Post written Jan 26, 2012

{April 17}

When in Rome...  The dutch kiddies strip to their
underthings and play in sand.  All part of the
fun spontaneity! 

Who needs a swim suit when you have sunshine
panties that say "I'm sweet" in sparkles that were a
gift from our housemaid in Qatar?
Very busy and seriously hard at work.

{April 28}

Playing "sink or float" with her brother
She loved this indoor activity - we would gather items from around the kitchen and she'd
guess whether they would sink or float, then give it a go.

{April 30}

An afternoon snooze with daddy on Koninginnedag 2011 (Queens Day in Holland)

{May 4}

The kids playing right outside the kitchen.  Isabelle and I made a little "house" for her in the back of the family car where she could be cozy and read her books

{May 14}
We arrived with smiles.  The kids were great on the flight and were happy to be greeted by
Grandma and Grandpa in Chicago.

{May 15}
Fun at Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa's house.

The evening drive home to Missouri (in which we hoped the kids would sleep).  We had just picked up an iPad in Naperville and this was one of my first photos taken while playing around with it.

{May 16}

Headed out for a quick grocery shop...

Wrestling with Grandpa after dinner...

Grandma snagging hugs while I'm still figuring out how to
take a decent photo with the iPad...

{May 17}
After jetlagged, morning snoozes in the car, we settled outside for some playtime...

Isabelle loved "baking" so we gathered some of Grandma's
kitchen items and did some cooking outdoors...