Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi friends, just a quick post to break the radio silence. We've got all kinds of news to catch up on starting with Isabelle's 2nd birthday in July (yes, that long ago!), our summer in europe, a trip to Sri Lanka, our holidays in Tarporley and a move across the world (which happens in a couple of days!).  Just trying to figure out these privacy setting on the blog.

We've also got fun, new tricks that our little man has up his sleeve to share, like calling people on the telephone (and by telephone I mean anything from a DVD remote to a toy car put up to his ear), waving good-bye and saying "Cat"! (I do believe that was Isabelle's first word as well?)

And Isabelle is turning into the prima mama helper. I'm so grateful for her help...or "help." :) She's my little side kick and I love the warmth of her toddler body bouncing off of my legs all day as we make our rounds.

Stay tuned - more to come!

Love from all of us.

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