Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ramadan 2010 - August

{Ramadan Kareem}
This is our Qatari neighbor who lives across the street.  We delivered homemade muffins to them (a large, extended family and equally large staff of help, which is very common) for Ramadan Kareem.  In return they kindly made us this traditional Qatari dish...
Honesty, I'm not sure what is in it but our best guess was long grain rice, macaroni, lamb, tomatoes, chickpeas & herbs.
{Iftar at the Ritz Carlton}
Iftar is the meal, breaking the fast each day during Ramadan.  We were greeted with rose water to drink and the spread was incredible.  As you can see, we were early birds arriving at 8pm - apparently, the place gets really packed much later in the night and lasts until nearly dawn.

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