Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo of the day

For your entertainment, here is a :: month and a half :: worth of Photo of the Days. Starting with the most recent...

Aug 4 - She still gravitates to all things with wheels.

Aug 3 - Sleeping is for suckers!

Aug 2 - The closest I got to having a cup of tea & scanning a few lines of a book was snapping this picture. It looks idyllic though, no?

Aug 1 - Safety first for Squirmy McGee

Aug 1 - I can't believe we're already to the point where he's squirming and wiggling his way out, off, or around whatever he's on; wasn't he just born yesterday?

July 31 - Ready for a trip to the Cape

July 31 - That's our boy!

July 27 - Painting is the project du jour these days.

July 25 - Big man!

July 20 - Burping our babies.

July 18 - This thing looks different from here.

July 16 - If I could bottle up this love and the feeling of my Sebastian snug in my arms, I would!

July 15 - burping...

July 15 - Nursing and...she used Sebastian's prop pillow as a nursing pillow :)

July 10 - Loving the toy car Jacob & Isaac's mom gave her.

July 10 - Kitchen sink = best toy ever. Her naked phase continues, though she is forced to wear panties at the dinner table (how civilized of us).

July 7 - While I can't say for sure, there is a good chance I was saying "Gentle! Gentle!" the moment this picture was taken.

July 7 - Mmmmm...pancake batter.

July 7 - Helping mama make pancakes.

June 29 - Savoring the moment of Sebastian napping in my arms, in a rare slice of quiet one morning.

June 26 - "Izzie wuz here."  Blessed with a good eater we are.

June 26 - Another day, another camera all up in my face.

June 24 - How do you expect me to smile when you put me in a shirt with bunnies on it?

June 22 - The girls and their nannies.

June 22 - Isabelle and Evie fine tuning their big sister roles.

June 21 - So sweet...

June 21 - Sebastian absolutely loves swiping this parrot with true little boy might, watching it whip in circles as fast as possible.

June 19 - Occasionally reminded that "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

June 17 - Mommy's fast food: Egg & veggie brown rice. She can't get enough! (And yes, half naked kids are the normal in our house, especially in the Middle East, in June).

June 17 - Fun at Fun City continues.

June 17 - Playing with - erm...in - the kitchen cabinets, as you do.

June 16 - Super cool chick.

June 15 - Staying in her bed at night...eh...okay, sharing her snacks with friends...good.

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