Saturday, July 3, 2010

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round...

Our little monkey

{The brilliant but simple black & white mobile}

Both Isabelle - when she was an infant...

...and Sebastian love looking at these stark shapes & pictures.

{From wearing diapers to changing diapers}

Today was a BIG day. We had not one, but TWO, #2s in the toilet!

{Father's Day in our house}

Decorated entirely by Isabelle.

{Fun City}


The Junods said...

Hey! Just laughed out loud at your Frat Party post! So glad you're blogging so I can keep up with you and your growing babies! Looks like your summer has been good. Sebastian is so adorable and getting so big. Look forward to seeing you all and getting back togther when we're back in Doha.

The Murphy's said...

Oh I need to kiss those little toes on Sebastian. I miss baby toes!! :-) Wish I could be there to give the whole family a hugs. what beautiful babies (sorry, baby and big girl). xo.