Sunday, July 25, 2010

My girl

I sat down with my beautiful baby girl for dinner tonight as I do every night. We were being silly and suddenly began a little exchange that had us both catching our breath over belly laughs. We'd look away with a long face, then look at each other and erupt giggling. You don't get it? You're in good company...and might I add, the majority. Richard just watched us and shook his head later this evening when we were at it again during bath time. With the exception of my longtime friend Ali - who is the only other person I know that shares this nonsensical humor - I'm pretty sure that not many other people can find hilarity in just, you know, nothing. But that's just it! I shared one of those inside joke-type exchanges normally only shared with a best friend, with my beautiful daughter. It was so special and fun. I'm delighted that my girl can find humor in the little things in life!


gwen said...

Love this! Can't wait to see all of you!


The Murphy's said...

glamerous, just like mama!!