Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's rough at the Ritz

Okay, obviously not. It's one of these expat things unique to the Middle East; you deal with being called Carrie all the time (instead of Kelley) or Mamsir (yes, as one word) everywhere you go along with complete strangers asking (& expecting) to hold to your baby, and endless nonsensical things in what we affectionately called Doha, "The Land of Almost."

BUT you have some amazing travel opportunities, access to so many different cultures and customs and food, and the unique understanding of a culture that can only be gained by living and working alongside one another.  And then there are the nice perks like a membership to the Ritz.

As such, we are here just about every weekend as we've got wonderful friends who are also members and who have children about the same age - it's like we're on holiday every weekend and we're not complaining!  Isabelle loves that she has a wee-bit of freedom to roam around like she owns the place.

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