Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where did May go?

Yowza. Where did May go? No, I mean it. Really...I lost it. The month that is. Not my brain. Well, depending on the day, maybe that too. AND I lost my (NEW!) camera. Which, wouldn't be the end of the world except for those little precious things on it called photos. Humph. Thankfully we live in the day and age of camera phones, so not all is gone.

First things first, all are well here in the family of van der Meer. No more scary seizures from Isabelle and Sebastian is growing into his own before our eyes. Richard is working hard, but still enjoying it. And I'm covered in spit up and love it.

Isabelle continues to impress us and is growing into such an independent little girl. For example, if she wants to walk up the stairs and you (crazily) think that she wouldn't mind a little lift up two or three stairs to speed things up, she will walk back down and start over. This do-it-herself-thing applies to pretty much everything.

Sebastian is so much fun and loves one on one conversations, cooing and letting out little baby giggles in response. I am SO THANKFUL that he is a remarkably chill and easy going baby. I really think he just *knows* that mama's plate is pretty full at the moment between him and his sister and is graciously cutting me a break. He's a happy baby, which makes me a very happy mama.

{Photo of Day}
Since Isabelle and Sebastian live far away from the rest of their family, we've been emailing a simple camera phone photo to the 'Photo of the Day' crowd since the time Isabelle was an infant. Starting with the most recent, below are photos from the last few weeks...

Hey buddy!
June 3 - Sebastian 6 1/2 weeks old

June 2 - Just another day at the office.

May 27 - Isabelle's cute new haircut. (Who knew that watching your toddler grow her hair out could be nearly as painful as growing your own hair out after a horrible cut? She may never have long hair because I just can't handle the toddler mullet, no matter how cute she is.)

May 27 - W's and O's
For a 21-month old, it's not bad when you ask her to draw an 'O' and she does the circles you see, or when you ask her to write 'W' and she does the (albeit never ending) W. Still can't say for sure if she'll be a lefty or a righty though...

May 26 - Another hour, another request to "carry-em!" (carry him). He's given in and handles the extra tight hugs and wet kisses better than in the early days (see below).

May 26 - Sebastian 5 weeks old

May 26 - Sebastian 5 weeks old

May 25 - Isabelle and Yoly through the kitchen window...

May 23 - Isabelle is going through a naked phase, but exceptions are made when it comes to wearing mommy's clothes...or nursing PJ's in this case.

May 19 - This brilliant game lasted far too long for mama-the-caboose.

May 14 - Out for lunch at LenĂ´tre, just shy of Sebastian's 1-month birthday

Sebastian's 1-month birthday

"Carry-em! Carry-em!" (Carry him!)
Sebastian 2 weeks old and loving being held by big sister.

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