Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to Photo of the Day

Thanks Molls for my t-shirt, looking forward to hitting the slopes with you in a couple of years!

As I mentioned before, 'Photo of the Day' is something I started when Isabelle was a teeny tiny baby, intended to give Richard up to the minute news on her gorgeousness while he was at work. It soon spread to grandparents, great grandparents and aunts and uncles. This was a fun thing, and perhaps it will return to the immediate family one day, but as for now I need to streamline my daily tasks. As Richard says, we're in survival mode with two babies. I barely manage to find a minute to wash my face during the day, let alone send emails. When I do manage to send an update, so much time would pass that I'd forget what I sent when and what needs sending. So, now photo of the day will be posted in one fell swoop for all to least for now.

{Photo of Day}

June 5 - Isabelle likes to do pretty much everything on her own these days, including putting on her sunglasses.

June 7 - Enjoying mommy's 'bluebelly' yogurt pops on a scorching Doha day.

June 8 - The day Isabelle & Sebastian became dual citizens of USA & The Netherlands (actually Sebastian is yet to be a US citizen, but that should happen later this month).

June 9 - Baby Sebastian not minding his change of outfits one bit!

Cont. - He's such a happy baby, for which I'm so very grateful. Side story: we were at the doctor's for his check up the other day, and when she stuck the tongue depressor in his mouth to check his throat he didn't flinch and in fact gave her one of his shining smiles afterwards. What kid doesn't gag and act like they are experiencing their last breath? Already a flirt!

June 10 - Ready for lessons from Uncle Jay

June 10 - At play at Fun City with friends

June 10 - Clever cookie matching all of her puzzle pieces and once completed, lining them neatly across to the room to admire.

June 13 - Girls afternoon out - Mama, Isabelle & baby doll (who remains nameless, but is nonetheless a significant person in our family) heading to the pool.

Cont. - Before we even had a chance to get in the water, a big bowl of ice cream & OJ were delivered to Isabelle by a Qatari. They love kids, and that blond hair of hers is irresistable in this part of the world. As you can see, her 3pm snack is abandoned on the side and you can be assured that mama's veal casserole had no chance that evening with belly full of ice-cream. Sigh, oh well, at least she enjoyed every drop of it.

Cont. - where Isabelle goes, baby goes too...

...even into the pool if not stopped.

30 seconds of Sebastian breathing. Video worthy, you ask? You betcha.

Who we're dancing to this week: Barney's TOP 20 countdown

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The Junods said...

Love seeing these pictures and your sweet babies. Sebastian is so big and adorable. Hopefully you're getting more rest these days. Sounds like its blazing hot there.