Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girls afternoon out

The summer in Doha is akin to the winter in the Northeast; you don't go outside unless you have to. It's smokin' hot here for the most part but occasionally you can find respite from the heat in late afternoon. Late afternoon is also when one little girl is usually busting at the seams with energy and eager to get out of the house, regardless of how much I tried to wear her out in the morning.

This particular day I asked her if she wanted to go to the pool. I watched as she - without hesitation - dropped what she was doing, moved with steadfast focus to put on her shoes, find her hat, get her sunglasses, put Baby Doll in the stroller, and head to the car. I never knew a child could have such efficiency! Game time was ON and she was serious about getting to the pool pronto!

Here's what presented itself approximately 5 minutes after I said something along the lines of "Want to go to the pool?"

Hat. check.

Sunglasses. check.


Baby. check

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