Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bluebellies & Strawbabies

Isabelle & 10-day old Sebastian

Okay, now that everyone is back to normal (well, except for maybe me who is, after all, postpartumish & still reeling from Isabelle's scary febrile seizure - BUT normal enough to know it, so that counts for something right?), we have some catching up to do.

First of all, Isabelle is back to her bouncing, happy & energetic self. Her ear infection has cleared up and today she went back to nursery for the first time. I don't get the feeling that she has much memory of what happened last week (thankfully) because she hasn't mentioned it nor did she seem bothered to go back. Of course, though, she does remember all the poking and prodding done at the hospital and says, "no owie!" when we get within a 50 yard radius of any hospital.

Since today was her first day back, it was also Richard and my first time to speak with teachers from her class, who were with her when she convulsed. On the day of the incident we were in emergency mode and dealt primarily with the nursery management and nurse. Speaking with her class teachers today we learned that she did have a "fit," with eyes rolling back and shaking, which lasted 2 minutes. Again, it ended up not being harmful to her (in the long lasting sort of way) but is just something we'll always have to be on our toes about.

Sebastian is great. He is a chill, happy baby who has enriched our lives beyond imagination. He just turned 4 weeks old, and we're enjoying his coos and smiles and sneezes (which are SO CUTE by the way - he sneezes and then lets out a long "whooooooooooo").

{More from Sebastian's world debut}

{Isabelle's time with Oma and Opa while mama was having a baby}

Bluebellies & strawbabies are two of Isabelle's favorite fruit, just so you know.

{And then there were FOUR!}

{Hanging out at home}

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