Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hi little man, we're ready to welcome you home!

Big sister in waiting

{There's nesting, and then...}

There is nesting, and then there are the bordering-unreasonable things that hormones make you do. For some reason I have been paranoid that Isabelle and Richard will go hungry the first week or so after the baby arrives, when I can't (won't) cook or grocery shop. While I know that would never be the case, it hasn't stopped me from filling a freezer with everything from lamb bolognese, veal casserole, chicken curry & homemade muffins - and that's not even half of it. (I'm not even sure if one can freeze muffins but no one was courageous enough to get in my way, though I probably needed intervention days ago).

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Kate Bethany said...

Those pictures are giving me flashbacks... And then I see how shockingly big Isabelle has gotten. I hope the swing's as effective for baby #2. So excited for you!