Saturday, March 27, 2010

Isabelle 19/20 months

Little Miss Isabelle turned 20 months on the 24th and we are in high gear, getting ready to introduce her to the world as a big sister. My due date is April 9, so there are just under two weeks left. Despite my mind having a hard time imagining that I'll go to the end, I'm pretty sure I will so I'm trying my best to sit back and relax (though, as any mama knows, that's impossible to do with the nesting instinct going full steam ahead. But I can try.)

Isabelle keeps us fully busy and entertained. Here are some of our favorite sayings and things she does lately...

"One minute" (while holding up her hand a la The Supremes' "Stop in the Name of Love"). When she wants something and we say "one minute," she'll repeat it and momentarily collect a milisecond of patience before resuming whatever request she was originally after.

"Be careful" (Be care-pul), which she says when she's doing something that she probably shouldn't be doing, namely precariously climbing on furniture, toys, her parents...

"Just one more," which is another phrase she likes to put out there before we get to it. For example, when it's one hour to dinner and she wants "just one more" grape, cheese, yogurt - whatever the snack du jour is (of course, it's never just one more that she really wants) .

Before she goes down to bed or for a nap, there is a musical bunny hanging by the side of her crib that we pull the string on and it plays a lullaby. We've been playing this bunny's music before any sleep period of hers since she was about 12 weeks old. As such, I can sense when the 3 minute music period is about to end within a second of it doing so, having heard it so much. Lately though, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me or that my pregnancy hormones were bordering crazy. I swore I heard this bunny playing music for extended periods of time or once I thought for sure it had stopped. Turns out, if Isabelle isn't asleep by the time the bunny's sonnet is done, she gets up, reaches through the rails of her crib and pulls the string to hear the music again. Sometimes I wish I still had a video monitor in her room to watch all the things she gets up to when we're not looking. :)

This is less cute, and hopefully a passing phase...taking the diaper off. She is probably ready to be potty trained, seeing as she asks to use the potty and can do so well & frequently (though not #2 yet). I'm sort of putting it off until after the new baby arrives and things calm down a bit, but until then we'll be using pull ups because she's way too good at un-attaching her normal diapers.

She has recently started covering her eyes when she's in a shy mood. For example, if she is dancing and thinks no one is watching then suddenly notices us, she will bear a huge, shy smile, cover her eyes, and continue dancing with her hands covering her eyes. :) Speaking of dancing, she's a big dancer and a big fan of sing-a-long songs.

"Share, share!" This she says with only part understanding - the part where the other person gives up whatever they have to her. She less understands the reciprocal element to this, but we're getting there.

She can identify about 1/3 of the alphabet and most of the primary colors. Yoly said that she heard Isabelle count up to 9, unprompted, the other day but I've only heard her get to 5 and then skips to 7, 8, 9, 10 - either way, after 3 it's certainly not always accurate yet.

Endless two word statements - "Daddy work" ("Daddy shoes" "Daddy car" lots of Daddy this or that) "Coffee (Kafee) hot" "Mommy necklace (naaklace)" "Evie house" (her friend Evie, whose house we go to for play dates often), "Eat food" (or "food eat" followed by her pointing to her open mouth, meaning she hungry (hangray), etc...

But the most fun about her expanding vocabulary is hearing "I lu loo," especially when it comes from out of the blue! Oh how I love being her mom!

{Helping mama organize...sort of}
As part of my uncontrollable nesting, I decided to organize my make-up. As always, Isabelle was right by my side "helping." Not being a foot away from me, I failed to notice her digging her finger into my MAC palette and Laura Mercier creme blush. She had decent aim, with the eye liner between her eyes and the blush on her cheeks - I was pretty impressed. I swapped it out with an empty mirror case, which was decidedly less fun.

"These things are so tricky to open!!"

"Yep, not as fun as your overpriced make-up mom."

"But WOW, I did a great job!"

"Man I'm cute.

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