Friday, February 12, 2010

Will work for food

Mama got herself a job. I would categorize this as more of a gig actually; a weekly recurring gig.

I've been asked to write web copy for a growing business in Qatar, The Green Box. Specifically, I will author the weekly 'Juice' section as well as occasionally contribute to the 'Kid's Corner' section. The Green Box is the first home delivery service of fruits & vegetables in Doha, offering both mixed and organic produce in either 5Kg or 10Kg boxes. The boxes of green goodness are delivered every week and their website offers health tips, kids tips, recipes and now juicing recipes incorporating the contents of each week's box.

And occasionally I will post pictures of my finished products

Below is bio and web copy from the website...

KellyThe journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Although I still have many miles to travel on my journey in wellness and health, I feel grateful for the knowledge that I have accumulated in the last few years. For me, my awareness of the benefits of juicing came when I was pregnant with my first child. Those days my husband and I were living in Greenwich Village in the heart of New York City, working hard and playing hard. Prior to pregnancy, breakfast consisted of grabbing a coffee in one hand while hailing a cab with another, lunch on the run in between meetings, and dinner out. Often followed by a few cocktails. Fitting in my five daily servings of vegetables was not a priority.

And then I found out that I was pregnant. Though I always had an airy interest of wellness and health, I never had the time to really dig into it. This was my kick-start moment. I read everything I could get my hands on about optimum health. What stood out to me were the amazing benefits that raw fruits and vegetables have on the body and how seriously lacking we are, as a culture, in getting the amount we need. Here I was, newly pregnant and geared up to become best friends with kale, broccoli and cucumbers, yet I couldn’t choke down a salad to save my life. I was nauseous for over three straight months during my pregnancy and very few things appealed to me – certainly not salad. Refusing to let my diet lack the raw fruits and vegetables it needed to keep me - and the little one in my tummy - stay healthy and strong I sought out ways to get around it. That’s when I discovered Melvin at the organic juice shop on 6th Avenue and 9th Street, around the corner from where we lived.

MelvinMelvin is the quintessential health nut and juicer extraordinaire. Sarah Jessica Parker, David Blaine, Christie Brinkley, and Kerri Russell are just a few of the celeb clients that would go out of their way on a regular basis to have Melvin mix them a master juice. He stands 6’3”, sporting long dreadlocks and a Rasta hat, and always a big, teethy smile. Once I discovered the magic that is juicing, I went to Melvin daily…for years. For me, juicing was a way to get a big, delicious dose of those fruits and vegetables in a way that was an alternative to gnawing on carrot sticks. He taught me a lot about food combining and the art of juicing.

As time went on I invested in a decent blender and a Breville Juice Fountain to begin juicing my own veggies and fruit. I took the knowledge Melvin shared with me and built onto it with continued research and willingness to try just about anything. Though I’m the first to admit that I’m still a student in this big world of optimum wellness and health, I am excited to share with you my discoveries in juicing!


Jay said...

that's awesome, big sis!

The Murphy's said...

That sounds awesome. What a perfect "gig". xo

Julie McRedmond said...

look at you. i love it and what a beautiful picture. i will have to catch up on your news. i have wanted to "juice" for some time.

Betsy said...

LOVE IT! Do share!! I'm interested!! :)