Friday, February 26, 2010

I heart lists

With baby #2 due to arrive in approximately 6 weeks, the nesting instinct is in full swing. Except nesting this time involves digging through our storage and revisiting old lists rather than going on a (whatwasbasicallyablind) shopping spree at Buy Buy Baby on Seventh Avenue. On one hand, I feel so comforted having been through this. On the other, I have yet to meet a person (and there have been several) who also have babies approximately 20 months apart who haven't said "Oh, it's so great; they play together and are great friends growing up" without preceding it with "It's really hard the first few years. Like, really hard." I haven't had the guts to ask for details but seeing as I was up with Isabelle 3 times last night, I can imagine. On the bright side, the way I see it is at least I haven't gotten used to full nights of sleep, diaper-less days, or life without a little body on my hip, arm or leg.

As I'm digging through my stash of pre-baby wisdom imparted to me by friends last time around, I thought I'd post these two handy lists. These may come in especially handy during those early days when I'm reminded that mama-of-a-newborn brain is actually worse than pregnancy brain.

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Julie McRedmond said...

you will be great. the boys are 21 months apart and all you said is true. the difference the second time around is you know what to expect and thus have no expectations. i enjoyed the sleepless nights with dylan, i enjoyed the time with just him w/out having to care for two (at that moment).