Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pelzers meet Doha

After what was a really wonderful visit, we bid farewell to Freddy & Sandy and got busy seeing Doha through the fresh eyes of the Pelzers. It was so nice to explore our city with "sightseers" and reconnect to some of the newness that we felt too when we first arrived. (Expat lesson #umpteenth: Always capture the new city of yours through the fresh eyes you have - and will only ever have - in the beginning. In my case with Doha, I didn't do much picture taking or note taking in those first few weeks because "we live here now and I'll have all the time in the world to do so." Nope, you just get used to everything and suddenly all that was exciting, and foreign, and exotic becomes, well, normal. And surprisingly, it gets normal really quick. So in the next few posts you'll probably see more of Doha than you have the entire year we've been here. By the way, YEAR - can you believe it's been that long?)

{Dune Bashing}
Dad and Gwen's first stop in far east was a death defying, sand dune-bashing expedition, the details of which were apparently not well explained to them beforehand. It seems I forgot to detail that "dune-bashing" is different from "sightseeing." Despite the high speeds in the middle of the desert with 90 degree drops and riding perpendicular to the horizon, they survived and can check it off their bucket list. After their crazy adventure on the inverse-Polar Express, below are some of our first stops around Doha with them...

{Doha Golf Club}

Richard's Doha dream came true when he was offered membership to this championship course. He took his parents out then my dad out over the course of their stay. He loves playing and it's gorgeous out there this time of year. I know he's looking forward to taking Isabelle out when she's a bit older, seeing as she quickly warmed up to her first set of clubs.

{Doha from the dhow}

Suspect of the rickety dhow boat - I don't blame her!

{Scenes from the Cornice}

Balhambar - one of our favorite restaurants

{Ah Ahli Hospital}
For curious minds, Ah Ahli is where Isabelle's pediatrics is as well as where I will deliver baby #2 in April. We had to bite the bullet and make a stop over the holidays as Isabelle seemed to have one virus after another over this holiday season, in addition to a mouthful of teeth coming through. I wanted to make sure the stubborn cough hadn't turned into bronchitis, which fortunately it hadn't. She finally seemed to take a turn for the better about half way through Grandma & Grandpa's visit. Now if the fourth molar would just hurry on and rear it's head, I think she'll be good for a while (knock wood, knock wood!).

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