Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday cheer

This weekend we hosted our first ever Doha Christmas party with many of our new friends in this country (including their kids which totaled 14 kids under the age of 4!). It was a great bash and it's a shame we didn't have a chance to take a single picture.

In lieu of photos, allow me paint you a picture - there were gifts for all of the kiddos, a big holiday spread complete with homemade Christmas cookies, berry martinis (fresh berries over homemade whipped cream with chocolate shavings served in festive blue glasses - very Martha, if I do say so myself), mince pies, and hummus & pita (as a shout out to baby bump who is a few months shy to have joined us). The tree became a couple more ornaments bare below the 3' mark, Brenda Lee's "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" played in the background, and parents & kids covered our entire downstairs chatting and playing. Good times.

The kids descended onto Isabelle's play room with enthusiasm and she was a star, sitting back watching these kids rip through her toys without so much as a fuss. I will say, she looked a bit stunned at times but held it together and I was so proud of how she played and shared with the other kids. She seemed to be most comfortable when sitting at her new, little drawing table, a little out of the chaos but still a part of the action, watching the whole party in front of her.

In other news, baby bump van der Meer is doing super. I had a check up this week and saw the little one taking a rare break from dancing and kicking, asleep with an arm tucked under his head and hiccuping. So sweet. At just 24 weeks, he is already a little person.

We are looking forward to having Oma & Opa arrive tomorrow and then Grandma & Grandpa arrive on the 26th. It's great to spend holidays with family, especially when you're pregnant with a one-year old and don't have to do the traveling. :)

Love to all of you, from all of us. xx

Who we're dancing to this week: Christmas #1's

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