Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Doha Expat Mums & Kids hosted an excellent Halloween bash for the babes, complete with fishing for spiders, a bouncy castle, ghost bowling and loads of chocolate. Isabelle was just shy of being able to enjoy the fact she was the cutest teeny bopper there ever was or the bouncy castle or the big crowds of scary people. She did win a Care Bear (did you know they still make those!?) for being so darn cute though.

Isabelle in her 1950's poodle skirt, ready to go the dance hop! Err, I mean the Halloween party

I was happy that the kimono I bought in Tokyo is finally used for something other than collecting dust

{And one short year ago on this day}


The Murphy Three said...

So adroable. I am glad you guys got to celebrate halloween. always been a favorite holiday... I remember you always as a tenenbaum. :-)

I want to be you. said...
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