Thursday, October 8, 2009

US Tour cont'd: The Lake & Chicago with the Pelzers

The fun continued in Missouri as the family all came together from parts of the state and country for The National Lampoons - oh, I mean, the Pelzer/Tichelkamp/Van der Meer 'Family Fun Weekend' at the Lake. The parents rented an adorable cabin on the Lake of the Ozarks for Labor Day Weekend, that was big and cozy and full of food. We enjoyed walks in HaHa Tonka State Park, a bit of kayaking on the lake, a day on "the strip" for old time's sake, fishing and some pretty competitive board games at night. Upon returning to our various destinations we realized that we didn't get a picture of the house, or more importantly, of all of us together which occurs about as often as a lunar eclipse. Oh well, next time. Thanks parents for a wonderful weekend.

{Base Camp 2, Lake of the Ozarks}

Missouri is especially gorgeous when you come from desert...ah look at these plush outdoors!

Isabelle's BFF this day was definitely Uncle Craig.

Even Missouri has castles...sort of.

Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tides roll away...

Introducing Richard to the joy that is $0.10 ski ball

Our collective winnings (for those who don't know, you get an exorbitant amount of blue, redeemable tickets spilling out of the machine every time you throw a ball), earned Isabelle a hackey sack.

A trip to the strip is not complete until you visit the myriad of candy, toffee and fudge shops, which are sprinkled between Old-Time Photo studios, haunted houses and Indian knick-knack shops. But let's be honest, a trip to the strip is truly not complete until you see plenty of mullets, tattoos, people wearing swimsuits as clothes, and 20 oz gas stations mugs filled with what I'm sure is 1/2 slushy and 1/2 Bacardi. If you're from Missouri you know that I'm serious when I say it is this that is the charm in the alternate universe called Bagnall Dam.

Back at the cabin, kayaking at sunset...

{Back to Base Camp 1 - JCMO}

Another day, another walk in the woods after breakfast

Feeling nauseous & worn down in the first trimester, I manage to look paler than white and make day-time clothes look like pajamas.

Actually, our morning walks in the woods were lovely and helped me feel much better with the clean, fresh air.

{Base Camp 3 - Chicago}

We were pretty bad about taking photos in Chicago - I can't believe we didn't get a photo of Isabelle at this age with her great-grandparents. (See, this is what happens when the person in charge of photos is pregnant with a one-year-old). Here are a couple of pictures from our afternoon walk at the boardwalk in Naperville with Great-Grandma Janice.

She looks quite dainty here, but she was actually trying to squirm her whole body into the fountain - dipping her toes was a tease. The next time we see a fountain we will either keep walking or bring a change of dry clothes.

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So cute! You're right on with the "alternate universe/Bagnell dam" comment. Hope you're feeling well! xo