Friday, September 4, 2009

Base camp 1: JCMO

Pools, fairs, ducks and bubbles - being Jefferson City has been great. We have really enjoyed our walks in the woods after breakfast and already, Isabelle has had two close encounters with white-tailed deer. (And by close, I mean just a few feet away!) She points and says "CAT!" but we'll work on that later. Worms, daddy long-leg spiders, rabbits and squirrels - she seems to love them all. An outdoor girl at heart.

This is a doozy of a post, but there is more to come so stay tuned!


Isabelle loving the stuffed animal wall at Grandpa's store

First haircut - baby-mullet be gone!

She is really into her new "do" as you can tell :)

Isabelle's first flower delivery...from Grandpa

Hamming it up at Gwen's office

First country fair

Afternoon listening to bluegrass music at the winery and having fun with blowing bubbles

A top five summertime fav - pool at the JC Country Club

Governor's Gardens

Mama's beautiful friends from home...

Chasing the ducks - they really weren't cooperating

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The Murphy Three said...

can't wait to see you!!! and kiss those sweet little cheecks of that darling little girl!!! -vanessa