Monday, September 28, 2009

It's good to be home

After a wonderful 6 weeks back in the states, we are happy to be home. I will continue to post pictures from our time in Missouri, Chicago, Boston and NYC, but for the time being enjoy the final cut of Isabelle's commercial!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Isabelle's Big Screen debut & other good fun

{Big Screen Debut}

Cute babies and cute dogs - a perfect combo for a commercial. My brother creates and films commercials and had a shoot for a carpet cleaning company. He enlisted us to be in the commercial and of course, Isabelle hammed it up like a little star. The highlight for Isabelle by far were the dogs - she loved them! Sqeaking and squealing and hardly able to contain her excitement with the pups.

{Fun at Home}

This fun can be yours too if you have the following: clothespins, water, boxes & lots of naked-baby-on-the-run time.

Looking for snacks...she often finds her way to the diaper bag tossing out all items until she comes across a little tub of cheerios or raisins. :)

{A day in Hermann, Mo.}

Hermann, Missouri - a German settlement town with loads of lovely wineries.

{Swimming at the Steward's}

Friday, September 4, 2009

Base camp 1: JCMO

Pools, fairs, ducks and bubbles - being Jefferson City has been great. We have really enjoyed our walks in the woods after breakfast and already, Isabelle has had two close encounters with white-tailed deer. (And by close, I mean just a few feet away!) She points and says "CAT!" but we'll work on that later. Worms, daddy long-leg spiders, rabbits and squirrels - she seems to love them all. An outdoor girl at heart.

This is a doozy of a post, but there is more to come so stay tuned!


Isabelle loving the stuffed animal wall at Grandpa's store

First haircut - baby-mullet be gone!

She is really into her new "do" as you can tell :)

Isabelle's first flower delivery...from Grandpa

Hamming it up at Gwen's office

First country fair

Afternoon listening to bluegrass music at the winery and having fun with blowing bubbles

A top five summertime fav - pool at the JC Country Club

Governor's Gardens

Mama's beautiful friends from home...

Chasing the ducks - they really weren't cooperating