Saturday, August 8, 2009


"App-ble! App-ble!" (Cute, chubby little finger pointing down the long corridor of our local pool club to the bowl of apples on the counter; same cute, chubby little finger pointing over four isles in the grocery store to the display of apples; same cute chubby little finger pointing to the door to exit her bedroom when we collect her from her nap saying "App-ble!" - hoping to go downstairs for her favorite treat).

It would be remiss to not mention "App-bles!!" when cataloging Isabelle's milestones, interests and favorites. Going on a month now, she will enthusiastically shout "App-ble!" when she sees a picture of apple, a toy apple, a real apple, and even tomatoes get promoted to being called "apples" every now and again.

Oma and Opa, who were visiting us the week of Isabelle's birthday, soon realized that all it takes to make their granddaughter the happiest kid on the earth is to give her an apple. And by all means, don't give it until you are ready to relinquish it forever. I have made the mistake of letting her hold an apple before properly having it washed for her to eat and when I took it away to clean for her - you would have thought the world was coming to an end. I wonder if her love for apples has anything to do with the extensive apple phase I had when I was pregnant?

New words to work their way into Isabelle's vocabulary recently include; "app-bleju" (apple juice). "bish" (fish), "booosh" (shoes), "light" (always with a finger pointing upward, sometimes to an actual light, sometimes not). When she's in the right mood, she can tell you what sound a monkey makes (ooo ooo ooo! - while putting her hands to her armpits - well, her chest), what sound a dog makes (arf arf arf!) and what sound a duck makes (gack, gack, gack! - her version of quack, quack, quack). Never a dull day.

The other big development this week is that she's gone from walking to cruising. We have officially crossed into the danger zone. I realize now that the better the babes walk, the more you need extra eyes, hands and energy! And...maybe one of those baby leashes. xx

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The Murphy Three said...

oh my, so precious. I want to eat her!!! so so cute! miss you!