Saturday, July 11, 2009

We've got walking!

Baby big girl took her first steps today! Real steps. (We've been "passing" her between us for a while now, which clocks a few steps here and there, and of course you've seen her pushing her pushcart around for months, but this was real, bona fide unassisted walking!). Richard and I looked on with eyes the size of golf balls and jaws on the ground while Isabelle strolled, enthralled with a computer mouse she had in hand, hardly noticing herself that she was even walking. :)

The excitement of seeing my baby's first steps is almost matched by the amazement of how FAST time is flying by.

"Hey time, slow down would ya'? Well, but don't, but do, but..."

Ahhh, I want to slow these baby days down, but on the other hand am so excited for the joy Isabelle brings us with each age. Fortunately for the Libra in me, the universe has taken decision out of the equation and left me no choice but to accept that these babies grow up fast. And so every day, I try to do my best to capture, inhale and soak in every teeny tiny second as it comes.


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The Murphy Three said...

that's so exciting... and well scary. our little girl is all grown up and just moments before the big 1 year. ah, I miss you guys! xo