Tuesday, July 14, 2009

These days, Isabelle...

Isabelle...has four teeth. Have you ever tried to take a close-up photo of an 11th month old with a camera that has a wrist strap? Well, if you do, you will likely get more photos of the child trying to chew on the camera strap than those teeth you were after.

Showing us her teeth. :)

Isabelle...can walk.
AND we have stone floors.
We're sorry, Isabelle! We had to post these! For $12 we snagged a cushy "helmet" before we left NYC (hey, hey - we're first time parents here! How were we to know what a pointless purchase this was when she was just a few months old?) Needless to say, she doesn't wear this. Though, true confessions of a first time mom be told - I would totally consider snapping this on her if only she would tolerate it for more than 2 seconds. But she won't, so we use it to play with the buckle.

Isabelle...loves trying to put her clothes, ribbons, shoes, blankets - anything slightly pliable - on, over her head.

Who we're dancing to this week: Death Cab For Cutie, Airplanes
Reminds me of 2006 in NYC, Hells Kitchen


Jim Murphy said...

so precious!! xo

Julie McRedmond said...

That is great. I seriously considered a helmet for Dylan. But knew it would not last 5 seconds. Don't worry kids are tougher than you think.