Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Clever McGee

Our baby girl is not slowing down. In the past two weeks she has added to her vocabulary, which has consisted of "dada" & primarily "dada," for the longest time. Now she says "cat" (always an enthusiastic dat!), "apple" (ap-ble), "book" (boooook), "dog" (daaawg), and "hi" (hieeeee - which is the first thing out of her mouth when she holds the phone to her ear, usually followed by "dada" as it's normally him she's speaking to on the phone). She has said "mama"...twice. And "mom" once, but I can't really count it as part of her expanding vocabulary...YET!

We've also been playing around with baby sign language for the past couple of weeks, which I was just throwing out there on occasion, not really taking it seriously because I feel like I know what she wants most the time and it wouldn't be very useful. However, she picked up on it remarkably fast - I can't believe it. She is very good at requesting milk (squeezing fists), which is also used for food in our case. She is also very good at signing for "more" (finger tips touching). We're perfecting "thank you" (which is very similar to blowing kisses, so that's a two for one deal when she gets that.) We're also still perfecting "please" (hand to heart) and "all finished" (hands to the side), which currently is communicated by blowing the food out of her mouth. She's been waving "bye-bye" for almost as long as she's been saying "dada," and she still waves bye not only for saying good-bye to someone, but also when leaving rooms or as a sign that she's bored and wants to leave from wherever we are. (About a month ago we were visiting a friend and Isabelle was ready to go and made her not-so-subtle feelings be known by waving "bye-bye" until we left...20 minutes later.) She can also say "no" by shaking her head, but that's also a key dance move so we distinguish "no" as in the preference when it's generally accompanied by cutlery dropped on the floor, and "no" as in the dance move when it's accompanied by waving arms and excited smiles. Music and food...the two things that Isabelle will always shimmy to. Just like her mom.

"Dada, dada, dada!"
Me: Slowly enunciating "Ma-ma"

Isabelle: "Dada!"
Richard: Grinning ear to ear on the other end of the phone.

Isabelle trying to take another baby's food, as you do.

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