Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out and about in Doha

We have been enjoying being home and settled, hanging out at the pool, getting more comfortable driving to all corners of the city, meeting with friends for dinner, and making plans for the summer. We have more fun times ahead...Isabelle's birthday next month, then daddy's birthday, possible visits from family, going to the states for a few weeks...exciting! Stay tuned.

{We love weekends at the pool}

{Little Miss Big Girl walking through Villagio Mall}
She loves the independence of walking, so we brought her favorite lion push cart so she could stroll alongside us while running errands this weekend. I don't know who had more fun - Isabelle or all of the people who couldn't help but stop to watch her and smile

{Milk and food and food and milk}

If there is a buckle, she's on it. She loves trying to snap close the buckle of her high chair, car seat, bugaboo...

{It's all fun and games, until toys are taken away}
Isabelle: "I can't wait until I get my hands on those pool toys! The flinging and banging that can be had - oh yeah!"

"Come on dad, speed it up will you?"

"Oh no she di'nt!"

"That's okay, my spirit can't be squelched when I'm at the pool"

"Watch out boys, here I come"

Little boy Amier:"Hey hot stuff, I'm a 14 months old. What are your digits?"
Isabelle: "10. 10 months. You're too old for me."

{Out and about}
"Mama, why is it that all of the nursery rhymes you sing to me end in the Jeopardy theme tune when you don't know how it finishes?"

Isabelle accessorized for the day out on the town


Julie McRedmond said...

i love the buckle fixation they have at this age. it has been a life saver for me on some long flights to CA.
PS - that picture of her at the dining room table looking at the bookcase is amazing. i love it said...

So sweet...and definitely her Mama's spittin' image. Adorable!