Sunday, May 31, 2009

The escape artist

So perhaps it was a lofty goal to assume we could contain all-things baby in the den, including the baby herself, and leave the rest of the house to be a proper grown-up place, complete with sharp corners & breakable things.

We're off to baby-proof the rest of house.

This is what the ever-increasingly-non-effective baby gate should look like

Here she is cleverly pushing it out of her way so she can make a break for it. She actually pushed it over this far, you know, for good measure

Scaling the wall...I mean step

I'm off! The tongue is out for extra speed!

Take that!

1 comment:

Julie McRedmond said...

I am forever amazed at how strong, capable and determined these children of ours can be. Good luck with the baby proofing and keeping an "adult civilized" space. I gave up a long time ago.