Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Isabelle, May 2009

Dear Isabelle,

Your dad and I are having a hard time keeping up. It seems like every day you are discovering something new about yourself, new things to do, and new boundaries within which to explore.

You're now 9.5 months old and a very busy little girl. A couple of weeks ago you perfected clapping and waving 'bye-bye.' Your continued love of walking grows and it's clearly your new favorite activity - you'd walk all day if you could. Walking may be second only to going up stairs, which you'd take two at a time if your little legs would let you. And when you're doing things that require bravery, like walking along the baby gate - not holding onto mama or daddy's hands - you scrunch your nose, squint your eyes, and blow out of your mouth (a little bit like a weight lifter doing a heavy bench press). It helps you to concentrate. Our favorite new discovery of yours though, is dance. You've really got the moves and it delights me that you don't even need music just dance because you're happy.

You're a great eater...far gone are those first days when you spit out carrots. You eat virtually everything with little to no hesitation. If you're not so sure about something, all we have to do is put a tiny piece of toast on top of the spoon full and it will go down every time (like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae). When you're done eating, you let us know in the not-so-subtle way of blowing the food out from your lips. Hey, we get the message! You've completely bypassed the sippy cup stage and will only drink your water through a drinking straw.

Generally, this is how we spend the day...
6:00am and not a minute too early - you are ready to get a jump on the day. Sometimes you've been up as long as 45 minutes playing in your crib by this point already.
We go downstairs and play... You pull toys out of your basket, knock your stack of books down, and of course push your lion cart all over kingdom come. And...mama has her coffee.
7:00am bottle
8:00am breakfast
9:00am nap
10:30ish you're up at at 'em again! We play more and you come in the kitchen with me while I make your bottle.
11:00am bottle
12:00pm lunch
1:00ish nap
2:30ish you're up and we're ready to make our way out of the house.
3:00 small bottle - We run errands, meet friends, direct contractors working on the're my mini-me in the Ergo. You love being involved in whatever action is going on. Sometimes we go to the pool or to the nursery at the club and you no doubt will find a new friend to play with.
4:30ish back home for your dinner
Then we play some more, go for a walk in the park behind our house, think about dinner for mom & dad and decide on ordering in, etc... Your patience begins to thin somewhere between now and 6:00, which leads us up to bath time.
6:00pm bath - you used to love this but I've noticed this past week you find the whole thing a bit overrated. All you want to do is stand up and walk and the bath just isn't big enough.
6:30ish bottle & bed - mama loves the night time routine. The lights are dim and you are sleepy and still while I give you your bottle in the glider. When you're done with your milk you dig your head into my neck and give me a big bear hug, crawling up to wrap your tiny arms around my neck. It's my personal heaven and I prolong it as long as possible. I carry you to the crib, play your lullaby, give you another really long hug while we sway to your music, then it's a kiss and a squeeze, and I lay you down to sleep.

You have an extensive vocabulary (and by vocabulary, I mean sounds). Much to daddy's delight, "dada" is one of your more established words. I'm still waiting for that "mama" but every time I enunciate "ma-ma," you reply "dada" enthusiastically. Your gorgeous blond hair is growing longer and thicker and - for the moment - we've settled on hazel as your eye color. Your two bottom teeth are growing in more and it looks like your top teeth might sprout any minute. All in all you are one big, squirmy bundle of sunshine and your dad and I can't get enough.

We love you,

mama & daddy

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