Monday, February 16, 2009

Dialed in, in Doha

Beautiful Baby Isabelle 6 1/2 months

So we now have a USB cord to upload photos! Now all I need is my iPhone working here so I can get back to sending 'Photo of the Day' emails. Slowly but surely we're getting there.

{Big Girl}
Here's a bit of Isabelle in Doha from the past three weeks. It should come as no surprise there is more of Isabelle than there is Doha, so stay tuned and I promise I will get more of the city on film!

{Valentine's Day}
So Valentine's Day is somewhat of a new concept here in Doha. Only in the past couple of years have they celebrated it publicly in stores and restaurants, considering it's a Christian holiday. With the influx of western expats, the restaurants now really enjoy going over the top with it. Richard took me to the lovely Sharq Village restaurant at Al Dana and I've never seen so much red satin in a fine dining restaurant before.

Isabelle with Henni, who is her lovely baby-sitter on weekend nights

Red satin galore!

...and little heart cut outs that said things like, "Love is one soul in two bodies" and other lovey things

For the enthusiastic, the General Manager of the restaurant could sign the "Declaration of Love" certificate given to each guest.

They also came by during the meal, asking to take our picture. Not sure what for and assuming it would be stock for future brochures, we were then presented the photo of us in a red & white frame at the end of dinner, along with a heart shape box of goodies.

{House hunting}
We found a nice villa in an area we really like, so we're currently in the process of getting contracts signed and details sorted. Doing business here, at least in the real estate world, seems to involve a lot of "you have my word" and after-work meetings in the back of one of the random businesses that the billionaire local owner owns, and lots of conversations with people who talk with thier hands. Once it's officially ours (fingers crossed), I'll get some photos and post them. In the meantime, here is Isabelle in her lucky house-hunting outfit.

Thanks Koen & Flor for my lovely Dutch t-shirt

{Happy Girl}

{First bites of food!}

{Dinner in the gold souqs from a couple of weeks ago}


Kate Bethany said...

Oh my goodness! I can't get over how big she is! Give her the biggest hug and kiss from me. I love finally seeing pictures again.

Thanks for the job hunt advice. I can always use it!

Miss you all!

The Murphy Three said...

Oh, so beautiful!!! Lucas is very exciting to see new pics of his lady friend. We are all missing you. xoxo.