Monday, February 23, 2009

A day on the Corniche

Here she is, busy at work taking apart daddy's work ID

The Corniche is the gathering spot and epicenter for lazy, outdoor picnics, jogs along the water and a popular place to stroll on weekend days and nights alike. We spent the afternoon walking along the water and loving the cool sun. (You know, the kind of cool sun that makes you feel quite confident soaking in the rays and then you go to bed looking like a lobster. Yeah, it was worth it though.) You can see quite a lot of Doha from the Corniche, so here's the city.

But first, here's Isabelle...of course.

{Doha from the Corniche}
Lunch at the lovely Almourjan Balhambar Restaurant

"We'll have your special and she'll have your menu"

Traditional Islamic dress
Women wear abayas & men wear throbes

Construction - the hallmark of Doha

The Sheraton

Mom, I was napping could you spare me on the camera?

The Corniche - Central Park for Doha

The Post Office

{Brunch at the Four Seasons}
Having no trouble kicking back
With Jo, who is about to have a little playmate for Isabelle in May

Who we're dancing to this week: Cold Play, Lost!

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