Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dear Isabelle, Feb 2009

Dear Isabelle,

What a dream you've been for your dad and me. We looked so forward to your arrival and now, 7 months on, we simply can't remember life before you. You have superceded our every expectation of how life would be with you in it.

At nearly 7 months, you have mastered many things including sitting up (& going from sitting to hands & knees, followed generally by a collapse to your tummy on the floor), standing, lunging, rolling over (& over & over & back over again), pulling, grabbing, doing a baby version of downward dog, scooting backwards (we're still working on the forwards crawl) & the list goes on. You continue to grow before our eyes & those gorgeous baby legs of yours are impossible not to kiss. We watch you sleep on the baby monitor and talk about how blessed we are to have you as our baby. This week you've taken to rolling over onto your stomach to sleep, which surprised me at first but I trust your strength to turn over if needed.

You love books and animated conversations. You've really taken to our new home and I think you love the new space, sunlight and the adventures we go on during the day. You've recently learned to stick your tongue KISS band style & enjoy doing it often. You continue to be a very loving and cuddley baby, whose sweet nature is noticed by everyone. When you wake up from a nap, your dad & I race to your bed, trying to be the first one who gets to see your beautiful face smiling up at us. So far you enjoy eating pears, apples, sweet potatos & baby rice. Next week we'll be trying avocado, bananas and maybe squash, and giving carrots a second try.

You are a such a happy & good natured baby & you've made our move across the world not only easy, but especially fun. Thank you.


Mommy & Daddy

Here are some of your favorite toys, books and things we use daily in your life today.

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