Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big little Isabelle

Thanks Ginger for my very pretty pink boots!

Isabelle will be 5 months on the 24th! At her 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago she was in the 90% for height, for the second month in a row, which would explain why all of her pants are more like culottes. This proves tricky for the cold weather as socks are also no longer a reliable source of warmth, since her constantly moving feet are rarely able to keep them on. Fortunately, baby boots are really really cute and mom has a legitimate reason to buy them now as they are about the only things that stay on.

In other Isabelle news, her lukewarm relationship with pacifiers has officially turned cold. She's still determined to perfect the whole hand in mouth party trick. And she has found her left thumb quite useful, mostly for chewing. Her copious amounts of drooling and constant need for oral fixation continues to lead me to believe there will be a pearly white any day now, but nothing yet. Sleeping has been better once I was thoroughly convinced a little fussing wouldn't kill her. As a result, she's found a way to put herself to sleep...by talking. It's the cutest thing to hear her baaaing and gaaaing to herself before she drifts off. Don't get me wrong, talking herself to sleep is equally matched by fussing, but it's getting better. If there's anything I learned, what works this week doesn't always work next week. (Remember a couple of months ago when I said Bach would put her to sleep? That worked like a charm for a couple of weeks and then BAM, the magic was gone and eventually, I was so sick of playing that song to try to get her to sleep, that I could have boxed it and threw it out with the trash.) She still loves her walks in the neighborhood (as do I!), and is becoming a master flirt with all those who stop to admire her. Her giggles are contagious and her talking is gaining in breadth & sound - I think she's trying to bring 'inhale talk' mainstream.

{Baby's first Thanksgiving!}

Snoozing on uncle Steve was not part of her sleep regime, but oh well, it was a holiday

{She gets very excited about story time...}
I just...

...can't wait

...to see what happens next!

{Visiting the park where mommy & daddy were engaged!}

Baby Lucas with doula-in-training me :)

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