Monday, November 17, 2008

One big happy baby

Isabelle loves reading

If I could write a song, I would. And it would be called "Ode to the Bugaboo Carriage"
It was a rainy day about a week ago and even though I knew we wouldn't get far, as Isabelle's naps are getting shorter and her desire to SEE the world is great, we took good old orange out for a final stroll. It was an end of an era for mommy as we've enjoyed so many lovely walks with the carriage these past few months, but we've got good times ahead. We're trying out various baby wearing gear - wraps, slings & carrier packs mostly - for our walks these days, which Isabelle seems to love because she can flirt with all the passerbys. Just yesterday she got a wink and a nod from Chris Noth, (Mr. Big from SATC) in the neighborhood. She's a ham and will flash a big smile for just about everyone.

A walk through Central Park on NY Marathon day

Big girl!

Election Day shoes

All bundled up and ready to go to Gymboree

Who we're dancing to this week - Keeley Valentino

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