Friday, November 7, 2008

My cup runneth over

Dear Isabelle, my darling baby daughter.

It's amazing to me that on this day last year I was just a few days pregnant with you. Your daddy & I had recently walked down the aisle, celebrating our love & commitment to each other at our fabulous wedding, which still remains so fresh and sweet in our mind. We were traveling through country of Argentina experiencing the plush outdoors of Patagonia. Did you know that you were with us when we rafted down the Rio Manso into Chile? Or when we zip-lined through the trees of Bariloche together? I'm pretty sure it was you who told me to take those naps in Buenos Aires and who informed that foie gras could suddenly become quite awful to eat, though never disliking it before.

This time last year I couldn't have imagined what the year would hold. You've taught me a lot in this short year. You, Isabelle "Green Juice" van der Meer taught me a lot about giving your body & mine exactly what it needs to grow you healthy & strong. (One day you'll have to tell me why you needed naval oranges by the bucket for about a month and a half when you were growing in the second trimester.) You taught me about slowing down from the NYC hustle to give you & me the energy we need to maintain a healthy life. You taught me to let go of expectations and realize that even though we didn't have the birth experience I had so diligently mapped out for us, it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined & I wouldn't change it for the world. You taught me that I could love your daddy even more than I did on the day we said "I do" in Hope Chapel a year ago - which I couldn't have imagined possible - by simply watching him love you & love our family like he does. Mostly though, you taught me what gratitude really is. I've been grateful for much in my life, but the thankfulness I feel every day when I get walk over to your bed in the morning and see you smiling up at me, when I get to nurse you, when I get to hold you, and when I get to watch you grow & learn almost by the minute...well, words alone cannot contain the amount of joy & gratitude I feel to be your mommy. My cup runneth over.


Here's a bit (a lot) of Isabelle, starting with the most recent and going back a couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Here she is...
...on her way to baby dance class

Happy Halloween
look at this bumble bee fly!

thanks Grandpa & Grandpa for my bumble bee costume, just like mommy on her first Halloween

Here I am as the angel I am...
thanks Brandi for my angel getup!

I then accessorized and became a bunny!
thanks Shane for my bunny ears!

Hanging out in Jefferson City...

Mommy with her high school friends

And baby makes three...
Hope Chapel on our one year anniversary

The gorgeous Big Cedar Lodge

Back in Jefferson City...

These are the smiles that greet me in the morning...
Who can resist this?

Getting a real life taste of Friday Night Lights my high school alma mater football game

Our expert traveler

HELLO Vanessa!

Daddy multi-tasking at Vanessa & Jimmy's new apartment

VERY soon Isabelle with have a new friend to play with...Lucas!

The papz snapped Sarah Jessica Parker in the neighborhood at my daily "Green Juice" shop last week - hehe

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The Murphy Three said...

You are so cute!! So many great pics. Hope to see you soon. XO.