Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best feelings in the world

1. When your baby goes heavy with comfort in your arms
2. When your husband tells you how beautiful you are as a mother
3. The happiness you feel at the sound of your baby giggling

Amazing how 4 months ago I would have likely said something revolving around good food, good travels and good fun, all of which are still well, good, but just not in the same league.

Here's a bit of Isabelle from a week or so ago...

{Our walk from the West Village to the lovely Battery Park City}

In the gardens by the harbor

Brought a bottle - hysteria averted

The smell of the ocean is second to none

{Mama, it's 3am...}
...and you have me bundled up like I should want to sleep or something

I can look at you all night long mama...

...and it won't make me any more tired.

{Tickled pink}
The look away and look back trick

Isabelle thinks this is the funniest thing

{Sweet dreams}
Isabelle has been smiling in her sleep since she was 2 weeks old...

It is the funniest thing to watch her smile & giggle in dreams

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The Murphy Three said...

Such a beautiful little girl. some gorgeous shots of NYC too. :-)