Friday, October 3, 2008

10 weeks old & loving music

A lot has happened since we posted last... We have a night time routine that's working wonders, I ran one of my big annual conferences, Kate has arrived from Oregon & we have been out and about to birthday parties, dinners, and visiting with friends. Oh and Isabelle is giggling!

We have discovered Isabelle's love for music - pretty much all music. There is, however, something special about Bach, in particular 'Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068: II. Air.' When this song comes on she immediately relaxes and has been known to fall asleep before it's even over. We get her comfortable in her Snuggle Nest, dim the lights and turn the song on and wah lah, it's bedtime! It's great and has worked at putting her sound to sleep for - count 'em - the past 11 nights. :)

Having Kate here is exciting. She's here to help us with Isabelle during the day while I'm working. It was hard to see Oni go because she's been absolutely wonderful, but I'm looking forward to Isabelle getting to know her aunt Kate. Kate, on the other hand, probably wished I would have forewarned her how much Baby Einstein music was involved in the job.

So Isabelle had her 10 week check up today and she is quite the lengthy baby - almost 2' tall! She's in the 74% for height and 66% for weight.

{Beautiful baby Isabelle}

{Me & my baby}

Who we're dancing to this week - Sara Bareilles

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