Thursday, September 4, 2008

I heart New York

In New York, people take great pride in their neighborhoods no matter what neighborhood that may be. We develop an ownership over our local haunts; my deli, my juice shop, my grocer, my coffee shop. Despite sharing all of these local spots with a bazillion other city folk, they are rightfully ours for the taking and a sense of small town community eeks through the familiar faces behind the counters. Having lived in Greenwich Village for almost 4 years, the van der Meers have one more to add to our list...our park. No it isn't Washington Square Park, which is still pretty cool. Today Isabelle and I claimed ownership of a park that is mere steps from our house, Jefferson Market Gardens (aka where Miranda married Steve on SATC). It's a lush little oasis tucked between Greenwich Ave, 6th Ave & 10th Street. It's only open from noon to six during the week and as long as the weather allows, you will likely catch Isabelle and me there at some point - her napping and me with a book. Or vice versa.

Speaking of books, I've hit a new milestone this week. I'm reading my first non-pregnancy or non-childcare book in who-knows-how-long! I must say, it's liberating getting out from under those books, which I'm convinced are meant to intimidate you with these awful worst case scenarios. Ick. We're done with those. They never really help and I found myself waiting for Isabelle to hit a "fussy period," which she hasn't; for her to scream all night, which she hasn't; for her not to eat or to eat all the time, which isn't the case. Isabelle is such a good baby and we know how lucky we are in that department. I am grateful daily for our little girl and the joy she brings to this world. I'm beginning to forget what life was like before her!

{I already speak 3 languages...}
I speak whale...


and pig!

{Loving bath time!}

{Look how I've grown!}
Week 1 of life

Week 5, almost 6, of life

{I'm a Greenwich Village Baby, baby}

Snug as a bug in a rug in Washington Square Park

Dancers drawing a crowd in the park - I love our 'hood!

If I weren't sound asleep right now I'd be getting into the groove too

That's me! Thanks Mary & Mark!

Dutch time with daddy

Happy 6 week birthday to me! Let's celebrate by going to the park!

{Our park}

{Tummy time!}

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