Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back in the game

We had a big week this week. We had our first night alone because daddy had a trip up north he had to go to, we started working with Oni who is our nanny for the month of September, and I started up back at work.

Our first night alone was rather easy as Richard left for his trip in the evening. She slept beautifully and we woke early on Saturday to a gorgeous day. We decided to go for a two hour walk through the streets of the west village. It was just one of those mornings - pure heaven. I never knew this, but in addition to the early morning joggers, dog walkers, old ladies who forget they live among hundreds of people - or more likely, just don't care & leave their apartment in pajamas and slippers to get the weekend paper - is a large contingent of daddies with their babies. Before 730am, I must have seen at least 10 young dads with their little ones - some on shoulders with a look in their eye saying 'I wish I would have brought the stroller,' some with infants, most with their babies in their ergos or baby bjorns ("baby backpacks" as we refer to them). Seeing all of the dads on morning duty made us miss Richard, but we have loads of nice weather ahead of us with autumn coming up, so there will be plenty of Saturday morning walks I'm sure.

In true post-natal ups & downs, I proceeded to come home from the fabulous morning walk with Isabelle to self-diagnose myself via google with a condition that made me think life as I knew it was over; only discover that absolutely nothing is wrong. I chuck the momentary loss of sense to new motherhood, (which I'll ride for the next 18 years so don't go getting any ideas of holding me accountable for my lapse in brain function).

I've been back to work for two days and so far the adjustment has been much easier than I expected. My company is allowing me to work from home, which is great and the only way I would have considered going back so early. I worried that I would feel like I'm away from Isabelle & have to request a few more weeks, but I really don't feel like I'm missing time with her. She still eats and sleeps most of the day & Oni is as much of a help around the house as she is with Isabelle, which is great. It's actually been quite nice being back in the game - working on my events, being back in touch with my speakers and catching up with my colleagues. I sort of feel that I have the best of both worlds right now so I'm feeling grateful. Working from home with Isabelle only an earshot away from me - at most - makes my job feel a lot less like work and more like something I just really like to do.

{Can you handle this cuteness!?}

If you cross your eyes a bit and imagine the picture below is somewhere between the color of the first photo and the color of the second, that's what Isabelle looked like in real life...anyone know how to work a Canon PowerShot?

{Riding in cabs make me...}



{Playtime with Gemma}
I've gotten really good at this smile thing!

Two gorgeous baby girls

Swoon all you want, baby

Just stopping by to say "hi" to Mom while she works - clearly I'm being well taken care of as Oni has perfected my favorite hold

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