Friday, September 26, 2008

Autumn in New York

The cool autumn air always takes me right back to the days of going back to school. I love it. The days of new school supplies, new shoes and the two block walk to West Elementary. Fall is, by far, my favorite season of the year. The nostalgic memories of adolescence had me wondering what memories will one day bring Isabelle back to her childhood? What will be her "Grease" (the original of course) or her cabbage patch doll or her strawberry shortcake sleeping bag? Who will be her best friend with whom she passes notes to in class? Who will be her Cyndi Lauper or Madonna or what will be her turquoise unicorn purse or her huarache shoes that the dog ate? I'm so excited for her and the memories she'll create for herself...the kind of memories that are visceral and come with sounds and smells and feelings that one never forgets.

Speaking of autumn awesomeness...Richard and I are organizing our one year anniversary at Big Cedar Lodge this year, which I'm so excited about. I love Missouri in the Fall. Also, we were able to go on our first date night last Friday. We went to the lovely Markt in Chelsea while Isabelle was in good hands of Oni. We then checked out a new wine bar on 8th Street. It was great. The next night we strolled with Isabelle to the East Village for our friend's birthday. Isabelle stole the spotlight and handled the many unsolicited goochie goochie goos quite well. She soon grew tired of the attention and fell sound asleep in her stroller while we enjoyed catching up with friends. I will say though, when she wakes up hungry - she's HANGRY. We ended up sprinting 3 blocks and 4 avenues home because the "hungry cry" is her only inconsolable cry until she's fed. Next time we'll bring a bottle.

{Night out on the town}
Out in the East Village

Sound asleep and not phased by NYC Saturday night

My favorite mommy accessory - used normally for iced coffee!

{Pretty baby close-ups of the week}

{Zzzzz...she loves this swing}

{Thanks Rudy & Hester for my lovely outfit!}

{Scenes from our walks in the west village this week}

Autumn awesomeness continues with the overstock of candy corn in the markets - yes!

Who we're dancing to this week - Kendall Payne's "I Will Show You Love"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Isabelle at 8 weeks

Baby Isabelle 8 weeks old

{Isabelle & mama love long, daily walks in the neighborhood}

It's a party in my pram...

...and the party's over

Smiley McGee loves her changing table - especially the fun mobile hanging above to which she giggles, gurgles and coos

{We also love...}
...the cool, autumn weather coming to New York

...pretty flowers in our park

...mary jane socks

...sun shade for the stroller when I want to nap

...g diapers for the eco-friendly baby

...monogrammed linens...thanks Boyle family!

camera phones to catch my cuteness anytime like this

...or this activity mat

{The funny faces of Isabelle Anelies}

Is that smell me?

I've got a lot of love stored up in these cheeks

[Isabelle]"nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose . . ."

[continued]"Is that milk I see?! Wahahahaha!"

[voice: Gary Coleman from Different Strokes]"Whatchu talkin' about Willis?"