Friday, August 15, 2008

3 weeks old!

Our baby is already 3 weeks old! Where has the time gone? We had a pediatrician check up today and baby Isabelle is thriving and doing wonderfully.

Isabelle is a pure delight and we can almost see her growing before our eyes. She fusses only when she's hungry or needs changing, eats well (takes after her dad) & can sleep up to 4 hour stretches. Now we just need to get those long sleep stretches at night instead of the day. :)

We had the pleasure of Oma taking care of us for the first week of Isabelle's life and Opa joining us for the weekend, then Grandma and Grandpa taking over care duties for her second week of life. Richard and I have become spoiled with all of our laundry and meals miraculously taken care of, leaving us to only to adore our baby all day long. Oma, Opa, Grandma, Grandpa - THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart. We really loved having you here - come back any time!

Richard went back to work in the office this week and while we miss him terribly during the day, the evening seems to arrive rather quickly when we are all together again. My day with Isabelle is generally rather relaxed - it's usually 1pm before I realize it and 3pm by the time I've had breakfast. When one is a feeding machine, your day is pretty much laid out for you. We try to get out at least once a day for a walk. Isabelle loves to ride in her stroller; she automatically snuggles up to the left side of the carriage and falls straight to sleep.

Below are a few photos to catch you up on all things Isabelle...Enjoy!

I'm here! Isabelle about 10 minutes old

Daddy's girl already

So happy to have her in my arms

Itsy bitsy baby

With Oma about 16 hours old

Isabelle: "Uncle Steve, you've got to tell me all the mischief daddy got into in his twenties so I have an excuse to never get in trouble."

At home with our baby Isabelle

Could you ever know such a love existed before having a child?

Daddy's classic hold that Isabelle loves

Isabelle enjoyed her time with Oma

Daddy, you need to shave

Bathtime after a rather interesting time trying to stamp her little feet. Why don't hospitals just do this for us anymore?

Snuggles with Opa

Happy One Week Old, Isabelle!

Relaxing with our baby

Isabelle's other favorite hold

I love this picture - she will never be this little again

Snoozing with daddy

Snoozing with Grandpa

Isabelle is thinking, "YES, I'm the first grandchild, which means I get to be spoiled relentlessly! This rules!"

One of our walks in the neighborhood

Bye Grandma & Grandpa - can't wait to see you again soon!

Just for fun...
Do I look more like my daddy?

Or do I look more like my mommy?

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Bean Chronicles said...

She's precious. Hope you're all well. Let me know if you need anything and how long you'll be in town. I'd love to stop by.